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Discovering business insights with search

Search is usually about being found and driving conversions – as it should be – but there’s another use for search and analytics data and that’s discovering insights that drive business insights. I love running projects with clients that uses search data and real results to determine a variety of valuable business insights depending on which test you’re running.

For example, deep diving into long-tail keywords which running a small test can help uncover can correlate to different messaging, product positioning, and more, while using different technical / industry-oriented keyword groups can help uncover business structure insights and new customer groups.

For example, looking at long tail keywords on similar ad groups can uncover terms you haven’t thought of incorporating in your messaging or a new term bubbles to the surface you can rank against. The same is true for product positioning – a client of mine used keywords to uncover an entirely new framework to position their products and a new customer base by examining the long-tails and competitive research amongst additional business signals.

Another client used a highly specific keyword group and associated long-tail keywords and analytics paths to discover a path to re-structure internal teams to best suit the longer sales cycle.

There are many different benefits to search data and running unconventional tests, especially when you’re just starting out in your digital marketing journey. What translates in brick & mortar may not be on par with your online customers. Slicing and dicing search and analytics from the get-go can save a lot of budget on the larger campaigns.

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