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Email content use in a blog world

There has been a lot of chatter recently about what is on or off-limits in blogging (this also seems to be a hot topic among PR folk when it comes to engaging the blogosphere). I came across a brilliant example of dealing with the issue of what is a private email communication today in a personalized welcome email from Heath Row at Squidoo. It manages expectations, is simple, straight forward and causes no confusion as to intent (not sure where it falls from a pure legal perspective, but I would assume the explicitness of intent would go a long way).

The footer reads:

This email is: [ ] bloggable [ x ] ask first [ ] private

I’m going to start using this in my own emails. It will (or should) help distinguish what is relevant to tamera the blogger vs. what could be client communications of Tamera, Founder of Wildfire Strategic Marketing.

I did ask Heath if I could blog about it and he agreed, but couldn’t take credit for the idea. He pointed me to Mark Hurst as the most likely inventor.

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