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Flying zebras and marketing theories

Last night I was sitting at my kitchen table with a glass of wine having a blast interacting with fellow CaseCampers in Second Life. It wasn’t without a few glitches – lots of trouble figuring out how to sit, Doug relates his flying leap at the screen on his way to present, audio synching snags, etc. But all in all it was a great and informative experience. The presentations were rich with useful examples, and I was even able to get a hockey rivalry going at one point (sorry Michael, I couldn’t resist, you were talking about the Sens). In terms of the flying zebra, that was when I knew I needed to logout and get back to real life ;)

I was a bit disappointed that my question to John Wall didn’t get picked up on (and I asked twice!), but oh well, these things happen.

I don’t really know how useful this type of unconference will be in the long-term, with server limitations only 40 avatars can be in the room at the same time and the slides were fuzzy; we could have the same type of interactions via a web conference and have more people attend. But for the novelty and camraderie it was well worth it.

Props to the CaseCamp Second Life team for setting it up and crayon for hosting it.

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