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How’s your health?

As the year winds to a close amid a whirlwind of Web 2.0 and social media predicitions, reflections, and good vibes, I’ve gotten to thinking about the most basic of human desires and needs: good health.

Since this isn’t a medical blog, my thoughts today relate to the health of a business, or a brand, and the factors that go into making it healthy and a success. We talk often about cutting-edge campaigns, engaging in social media, ROI, loyalty, the lot of the overt things that can determine the health of a brand in a consumers mind. But what I see missing is the key stuff that long-term good health is made of – healthy, engaged, and empowered employees.

They are not only a physical representation of your company, they are your evangelists and customers as well. How they feel in their role(s) will impact how successful you are in building your long-term brand health.

Going into 2007 is a good time to ask how their health is.

Are they fulfilled and passionate in their career? Are they challenged? Well compensated? Able to balance their work/ life because they aren’t doing the work of 3? Are your doors truly open, or is it just a catch phrase? Do they feel invested in? A part of the vision? Are they empowered to instigate change? Are processes, roles and milestones well defined? Are you actually asking them these questions or going on your own opinion?

It’s often too easy to overlook, or take for granted, our employees health when we’re focused on the bottom line and results; getting the next product or ad campaign out the door, but it is one ignored at our own peril.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!

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