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‘The Chain’ leads to powerful UGC

Nike’s “The Chain”, part of their efforts to loosen the stranglehold Adidas has on the soccer market, is an example of how UGC can work in an integrated and meaningful way with branding, engagement, and product placement.

The premise is simple, elegant, and engaging. Film yourself, your dog, what have you, ‘passing’ a soccer ball off to the next person in the chain. The goal is to make the longest soccer video ever and to encompass fans from across the globe. So far the spot runs at 37mins (10 secs per clip on average) with multiple different nationalities represented. It brings the essence of soccer (football) – the global community – to life. And it does so while making quite clear who is the backbone of the initiative – Nike Football. Based on an initial viewing, the campaign is attracting youths from the main football nations who are obviously enjoying showing off their skills for the camera. It’s a great emotional way to get others excited about being part of “the chain”.

The site, because it’s blatantly a Nike program, also has the requisite calls-to-action (sign up, subscribe, etc.), which can help the company keep their customers engaged and updated… and ultimately sell more shoes.

All in all an authentic, engaging, and well planned campaign. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their soccer prowess captured on film? ;)


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