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A Shirt in a Box

Amazon Marketplace & Advertising Services

Do you have a product to sell? Get in front of the world on the largest consumer marketplace online easily with a customized plan. Want Amazon to ship your product? We can factor that in. Need to create compelling product content? We specialize in content strategy, copywriting and creative asset development through our partner network.


Don’t want to invest in Amazon warehousing? Not a problem, we can prepare you for shipping direct easily as well.

Do you already have a business on Amazon and want better results? Excellent – you’re in the right place for a tune-up. Want to advertise your existing products? Fantastic, we can help get your product in front of the right people at the right time.

We do work with any stage business – one product or multiple. Amazon continues to dominate the ecommerce world and your business should be where your current and potential customers are naturally.

Get in touch and let us help get you selling on Amazon Marketplace.


Tamera Dunn Kremer is Certified in: Advertising and Retail for Advertisers via Amazon.

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