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  1. serving or intending to unify separate things.

"an integrative approach to learning"


Part of Tamera Dunn Kremer’s practice is dedicated to bringing integrated thinking & living to our reality. This can take many shapes; the over-arching approach is mindfulness and structured thinking to unleash creativity and promote balance. This applies in many different facets of our work and personal lives, especially as we continue to feel the stressors of COVID-19 and our always-connected with video or audio culture.

Through coaching and workshops businesses will find new opportunities, engage with their employees, and produce better work products and happier humans. Through workshops I help teams produce better work and recognize the equity and equality that’s missing or a blind spot. On an individual level I work with people to help them achieve a greater integrative balance to their work and personal lives.


Overall we’ll cover areas of blockage through mindfulness and integrative thinking techniques to ultimately enable individuals to participate fully in their workplace (virtual or in-person) and unleash more creativity.

Tamera has earned her Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Master Herbalist, and Clinical Aromatherapy for Health certificates and is currently actively studying additional complimentary fields. She has over 20 years business experience in marketing and advertising, with a speciality in digital platforms and technologies and is certified in advertising, branding & retail products by Google, YouTube and Amazon. She’s spoken and provided presentations at conferences and meetings across the United States and Canada.

The following are sample workshop modules for teams and 1-on-1 training sessions – get in touch to book a session for yourself or your company! Customized workshops and presentations are available based on business requirements.


Speaking & Workshops: Resources and Tips
Open Books

Using mindfulness techniques, business acumen & personal knowledge we’ll seek to bridge personal and professional identities and discover blind spots in our work life or product & our home life and non-work selves.

3 key learnings:

  1. Ability to apply a mindful technique to a work problem.

  2. Tools to bring individual strengths to a work environment.

  3. Knowledge to re-examine a problem from a mindfully aware place.


Being mindfully aware of our digital pressure points and learning to detox and build better habits. Deeper dive into specific areas which require mindful awareness in a real-time, always broadcasting world.

3 key learnings:

  1. Ability to identify & action the need to detox from online life.

  2. Being mindfully aware of how content is consumed each day and the impact.

  3. Building blocks to curate digital consumption.

Digital Sketching
Soothing Bell

Specialized or generalized workshop – recognizing and identifying areas of our work product, from naming to research to communicating that are out of balance and areas for development.

3 key learnings:

  1. Ability to recognize a blind spot in work/ teams.

  2. Tools to expand perspectives in daily tasks.

  3. 5 Questions to ground a situation & seek a mindful solution.

"Tamera has the rare ability to describe and interpret the complex digital marketing environment for an non-specialist audience - prompting introspection and then intense interest in both market trends and technological details. Her analysis incorporates the very latest tools and tactics in the field, and provides a critical and realistic assessment of the opportunities and possible pitfalls involved in digital marketing."

- C. McKay, Public Policy Strategist and Communicator

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