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Applying a mindful filter to the news in the always-broadcasting age

The news is constantly over-whelming, and at times can seem consistently bad. Curating your news feed is a must unless you plan on just tuning out from world and community events altogether (which can be tempting). I’ve found using some form of lists and algorithms works well for me at this point. I manually curate and I rely on whatever platform source I’m using to do the rest.

I’ve broken out my time between Twitter and using their lists, topics, and my own feed to stay on top of current events. I bookmark and, clumsily, open in a new tab and save to Pocket. I use Flipboard as a quick catch-up on multiple topics I’ve chosen to follow – the results are typically great for me. I’ve also begun testing out Deepstash which is a quasi-social network of productivity and mindfulness reads. Of course there’s Facebook and LinkedIn groups which are more of an immediate reaction, but any articles can still be saved for later.

I find taking a set period of time during the day to check in on which ever platform/ tool I’m purposefully using helps me focus on the news I trust and can use, and also keeps me from becoming over-whelmed by it.


Photo credit: "Picton library" by Karen_O'D is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

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