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Colbert gets TV/ web integration

Leave it to a fake anchor on a comedy network to provide a great example of TV/ Internet integration done right.

Stephen Colbert & The Colbert Report are taking the best attributes of both mediums and harnessing them to empower their viewers and build positive word of mouth.

A few key recent highlights include:

  • The on-air Wikipedia entries which spawned a thousand imitations and remain an obsession of the show

  • Taking on Chuck Norris to have a bridge in Hungary renamed in his honour (so far Colbert leads the voting with 71% of the total)

  • And the latest episode which brings branded (in this case an individual – Colbert in front of a green screen in a mock light saber battle) UGC to millions of homes via cable TV. Colbert put up the video and invited his viewers to create their own background battle scenes. He has aired two so far with a promise of more as the submissions roll in. This type of interaction creates an appetite for more audience generated creative offerings with the ultimate pay-off being a spot on national television, lionized, or ridiculed, by Stephen Colbert.

The integration and strength of the mediums continues with strong web presences and the availability of video downloads of interviews or memorable segments from the show. The high participation level, consistently strong ratings and positive buzz, even when Colbert is ridiculing the President, show a loyalty any brand slapping a video up on YouTube would be well served to keep in mind during the brainstorming sessions… it can be done, but it must be done right with the customers desires, a true understanding of your goals, and an honest look at why and how you are engaging your audience, front and centre.

As a complimentary piece, Mike Wokosin’s “7 Ways to Integrate Online with TV” is a good read with practical tips (and something the Colbert Report is obviously on top of already!)

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