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On my radar Sept 28 2007

* Continuing on the theme of Internet communications as a battlefield: The Art of eWar. Interesting analogy and one that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the last couple of years – there’s a post (or several) brewing in me somewhere on Flame Warriors and Communities, especially as social media continues to grow within marketing and PR. ~ Via Digg

* Serious vulnerabilities in Gmail. Take the time to read this article if you use Gmail regularly. ~ Via Slashdot

* Billionaires get nervous too when they try something outside their comfort range, but the reward of trying something new outweighs the risks. Mark Cuban shares his tale of DWTS.

* The US Navy believes the MySpace generation is a “somewhat alien life force” and “narcissistic praise junkies”. I suppose their PR firm hasn’t embraced social media? ~ via Wired

* Stuck in a rut? Why not bring your inner child to work? ~ Via Daily Fix

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