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Hot news on an icy day in T-dot

The time has come to talk my friend… of new beginnings and conversations ’round the bend…

Today felt like a good day for a bit of a riff. ;)

Enough preamble, what is my hot news?!

It is official. I have joined forces with Thornley Fallis / 76Design to bridge the boundaries between PR, Interactive, and social media. To innovate. integrate. ignite. so to speak :)

I’ll be working alongside the estimable Michael O’Connor Clarke and plan on rockin’ the city in between pints, rants, meetings, and brainstorming. It will be good times I tell you!

On a completely serious note, I have, and continue to be, extremely impressed by everyone at Thornley Fallis and 76Design, and have seen Joe & Terry walk the walk in the social media space consistently. It’s the right time with the right people. I look forward to showing up at the offices Monday in Toronto & meeting everyone in Ottawa on Tuesday!

This alliance will add depth to Wildfire’s service offering for current clients with the additional resources & capabilities of the T-F/ 76 team as necessary. In other circumstances Wildfire will operate independently with current clients. It’s flexible and quite exciting!

Looking forward to seeing everybody! Cheers, Tamera

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