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ICE Conference in Toronto

Alas, it has been a while since I got a post up here and for that I apologize. I can only say that it’s been a whirlwind three weeks with TFC (all good of course!) and I’ll be back soon with a couple of posts I have on the backburner.

In the meantime, ICE 2007, the “Interactive Content Exchange” is happening on March 21/22 at the Carlu in Toronto, where I will be the panel: It Had to Be ‘You’ the afternoon of the 22nd.

From the abstract -

There’s no doubt that Social Media is big business – and big business has taken note. News Corp. bought MySpace. Google bought YouTube. Yahoo bought Flickr. Are these the new ‘mainstream media’ of social media? And if so, what’s coming next on the fringes? Or is social media looking for a direction?

That’s one tiny piece of the conference which covers Mobile, Broadband, Games and Social Media. With over 100 top-notch speakers, it should be an informative and enriching two days.

There will also be pre-event podcasts from some speakers, or “ICE Cubes” as Alan has dubbed them :) – details to come.

To round out the social nature of a bunch of people getting together to talk shop, TFC is hosting (per Joe: it is a collaborative effort – see the comments) Third Tuesday as usual on Tuesday the 20th Wed the 21st. Based on the turnout for last month’s it should be a packed house. Check for details on the venue and to RSVP.

See you there!

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