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Professional Development: Pandemic Edition

In professional news, or, how I spent my lockdown’s, I’ve been on a certification journey in three separate fields – psychology, digital platforms, and herbalism/aromatherapy. It’s a mix I’ve been pondering for years and it’s finally coming to fruition. I’ve earned certification by Amazon in ‘Retail for Advertisers’ and ‘Amazon Advertising’; Google in their ad suite: search, shopping, display, video and apps, and in YouTube Music. I’ve also achieved certification as a Master Mindfulness Practitioner & Master Herbalist, as well as a certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy for Health and Foundations of Naturopathy & Ayurveda – Level 1.

The mixture of these disciplines is quite exciting to me on a personal and professional level. I’m looking forward to applying mindful principles, with herbal/aroma assists to business and life situations. To that end I’ve launched a training series which can be a presentation or workshops, depending on your teams needs. I’m also available to work through the training one-on-one or in small groups such as creative teams or front-end devs. They work best when they can be applied to real-world business situations and workshopped out in a non-standard fashion to push boundaries.

I’ve branded this combination of business & professional mindful holism our integrative reality.

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