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mesh conference today & welcome!

Ahh, the joy of a first post!

Welcome to my new interactive and integrated marketing blog where change is a good thing and Web 2.0 isn’t scary (or as revolutionary as you think). For those who are curious as to the meaning of (3i) or who I am (I suppose there are people in the world who haven’t made my acquaintance as of yet), please check out the “about” posts for the scoop.

My goal with this blog is to gather and disseminate new ideas and strategies for innovative and integrated marketing. I anticipate having irregular guest posters pontificating on their areas of expertise, be they creative, tech, QA, project management or marketing. We so often seem to work against each other in agencies or large companies my goal is to allow us all to speak, learn and challenge each other in a provocative and creative setting and truly integrate, or mesh, our ideas. We’ll all be the better for it. And so will our clients. I won’t always agree, but I will always speak my mind… I hope you will too.

And on that note, the mesh conference is happening today in Toronto… I’m trying to catch the afternoon sessions today and will be there all day tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates on the gathering of enlightened intellects and journalists… ;) Should be a good one.

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