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The 1% (or maybe 2%) rule

From Jaffe Juice via COTC, about the sliver audience, the evangelists, the influencers, the connectors, whatever you want to call them, that account for 98-99% of your buzz and hype.

Non-profits have known this for years as they deal first hand with the power of a small subset who cares passionately, to motivate their immediate community and beyond into action. Amnesty letter writing campaigns come to mind first and foremost.

Wikipedia example:

50% of all Wikipedia edits are done by 0.7% of users 1.8% of users have written more than 72% of all articles

And the key take-away:

marketers focus on the mass – the 99%.

Well, traditionally they have been anyway…. We’ve always only had a sliver in Interactive to make due with targeting since nobody was forking over the same types of budget as mass. ;)

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