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The 22 Immutable Laws of Customer Engagement

Following up on two great posts by Sean @ Buzz Canuck & Colin @ Canuckflack that started the “22 Immutable Laws” series based on the original by Ries & Trout, I went a bit off the beaten path from Sean’s list and put together 22 laws for something that is at the core of social media interactions and marketing – engagement.

Without further ado:

Tell me up front what you want from me

Give me a reason to listen to you

Give me a reason to continue listening to you

Be transparent

Be authentic

Don't waste my time with fluff

No need to be so pushy

This is a courtship, not a wedding

Tell me again why I should care

Solve a problem for me, or at the least entertain me

Keep it simple and intuitive

Don't bore me

Make it easy for me to interact with you

Respond when I send a note

Don't ask for more info than you should need

Don't make me work to get to know you

The product better live up to the hype

Get to know me a little

Speak to me personally

Don't abuse my trust

Speak to me in my language, not yours

I'm not stupid, I'm your mother

I may take a crack at another one this weekend, but I really should be packing…

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