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Upcoming speaking engagement – Digital Marketing Conference in Toronto

The 11th annual Digital Marketing Conference is upon us and I’m excited to be on a panel with some esteemed marketers on October 29th.

My fellow panelists include:

Michael Anton Dila, Partner, Torch Partnership Lisa Charters, S.V.P Director Digital, Random House of Canada Christopher Thompson, Associate Vice-President, Online and Interrelated Business, Canadian Tire

And the session will be moderated by the esteemed Jon Lax of Teehan & Lax.

The topic is:

Beyond Gimmicks: Why Behavior-Changing Experiences Will Rule in a Fragmented, Digital Age Time and attention starved consumers, users and even social media participants are becoming wary of thinly-veiled disguises at getting them to help make something go viral. What’s a marketer to do? Our panel will discuss alternatives to buzz marketing and dig into why it’s so important to provide value in an increasingly fragmented world where people can forget about your brand and why it matters in a nanosecond.

Hope to see you all there!

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