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Beware what you share

I was having a little email chat with Colin McKay yesterday (about privacy online of course!) and realized I hadn’t blogged about the recent video the Canadian government released called "A friend of a friend of a friend", although its an issue that is close to my heart (and one that a few of my tech buddies have been trying to hammer into me for a while now) — how much information you share online and with whom. It’s a short piece, and one that should be more widely distributed because it is so important. Kudos to Colin and the team at the Privacy Commissioners Office for taking the lead in this.

I’m wondering Colin, if you have any plans to address the Facebook Beacon in a future piece? I know I’ve blocked it via Firefox, but with the size of FB growing exponentially each day I wonder how many of the users who aren’t in marketing, tech or advertising know how intrusive it is.

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