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Google Maps as Wiki

Google Maps now allows users to edit and move the marker location of their home or business with a registered account. There are a few restrictions (you can’t move a government building, hospital, or claimed business within the Local Business Center), but for the most part, if your house is listed on the wrong side of the street or the wrong corner within Google Maps, you, the user, can change it. The change also pertains to Street View.

In my view, this is another great example of Google trying to make their results as relevant as possible and "organize the world’s information". It’s been a long road with all map services over the years and anything that can be turned over to the people with the most amount of knowledge about the issue is a great thing in my opinion.

Google, being Google, have put safeguards in place to prevent abuse, such as adding a "show original location" link and sending any change of over 200 meters to human review. It may not be the perfect solution, but it’s a good start.

[photo credit: WhirlingPhoenix via Flickr]

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